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Updated 01/26/19

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ToganX News

Social Media Tutorials on ToganX

CANTON, Ohio (November 21, 2018) -- The need for accurate and helpful information on how to successfully use social media to your advantage goes without saying. If you own a business or you lead or manage a nonprofit organization of any kind, social media can be your ace in the hole when it comes to gleaning donations and volunteers.

ToganX.info offers a growing tutorial section that happens to have a social media section. Some of the subject matter covered therein includes:

  • A beginners Guide to Twitter (Video)
  • A guide on Facebook Live
  • Is It Possible to Measure Social Media ROI?
  • How to choose who you "see first" in your Facebook feed
  • How to Determine the ROI of Paid Social Media Campaigns
  • How To Measure Your Social Media Return On Investment
  • How to use Twitter for Business (Part 1 of 9)
  • LinkedIn & Twitter for Pros
  • Social Media Examiner
  • Social Media Tips and Tricks for Professionals: LinkedIn and Twitter
  • and others.

Click here to view this tutorial page.

ToganX.info Places New Focus on Tutorials

CANTON, Ohio (February 3, 2018) – There are nearly 3.5 Billion users on the Internet today accounting for 46 percent of the world population. Compare that to 2010 when there were a little over 2 Billion and you can see that the Internet is a very popular place to be. And, in the near future Internet penetration is sure to continue as the popularity of mobile devices rises and their cost continues to drop. All of this equates to a need for more technical information for both professionals who advertise and provide valuable information and such as well as consumers that use it to shop and obtain services.

TpromoCom offers websites.

One of the areas of interest for ToganX.info is that of education in the form of interesting, in-depth tutorials. Security and life-safety companies that provide their own website creation along with social media outreach will find ToganX.info's tutorial page helpful and essential in their effort to reach out to prospective and existing clients over the Internet. On this page you will find links to videos and articles on how to do web design and social media better—like a pro.

In an effort to place this type of educational materials in the hands of our ToganX.info users, several years ago we began work on a Tutorial Web page (http://bit.ly/1OAkWEF). On this page you will find an assortment of tutorial titles, such as Computer Related, General Tutorials, Social Media, and many more.

To read the rest of this news release, click here.

Everything Google on ToganX.info

CANTON, Ohio (November 2, 2017)--Many of us who work in an office that use a computer know all too well the value we assign to the "free" Google tools that would cost us hundreds of dollars if we were to purchase them on the open market. ToganX knows very well how much Google means to so many, and so we've loaded a full complement of links leading to nearly Everything Google.

Myself, I use Google online for nearly every story I write that appears in Security Sales & Integration and Locksmith Ledger.

  1. First, there's Google Drive-a depository of files of all kinds that can be accessed by additional Google Tools as well as the programs you have in your own computer. Did I forget to add a note about the many great Google applications you can get from the Google Play Store?
  2. Google Docs has got to be the 2nd most popular online tool to me. With functions similar to Microsoft Word™, I'm able to produce quality Word-like files that can be stored in subdirectories stored within Google Drive (see item 1 above).
  3. The third most popular tool to me is that of Google News. There was a day in the past when you had to purchase a news clipping service. Now, today, Google gives it away for free. Talk about an invaluable tool for the journalist, researcher, business person, etc.
With all this in mind, if I say the word, "MCI Mail" does it revive any memories? Talk about a Google-like service. MCI provided mass faxing (at a hefty price), mass emailing, as well as a news clipping service. I am relatively sure there were a myriad of other services that MCI provided, but these were the only ones I utilized when employed by Security Distributing & Marketing (SDM) in Chicago. Google offers it for free, and right to your mail box through Google News Alerts.

Take a look on our Links page (far right) and look for the Google Products section in the left column as you scroll down: (www.ToganX.info/links.html#google)

by Allan B. Colombo

ToganX Expands Video Section

CANTON, Ohio (December 18, 2016) -- Christmas is around the corner and the fun begins after dark when dad or mom runs that movie that the kids have been waitinhg for. Santa and his complement of elves are sure to be present as the plot thickens and the wide-eyed children laugh with glee.

After all, it's Christmas.

It's been awhile since the ToganX "Video" section saw the addition of 8 more video-sharing website links. Thanks to James Williams of Malvern, Ohio, eight more video links have found their way onto the Video page on ToganX.info.

Six traditional movie sources include:

  1. Ozoomic
  2. Haloa Movies
  3. Movie Watcher
  4. Movie 24/7
  5. New Movies Online
  6. Put Lockers
As well as two additional Torrent websites:
  1. Lime Torrents
  2. The Pirate Bay
A big thank you goes to James Williams!

To gain acccess to the ToganX.info Video section, click here! Have a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

ToganX Adds "Free Stuff" Section

CANTON, Ohio (December 4, 2016) -- Get a free Whopper how you want it from Burger King by taking a survey and purchasing a fry and drink (any size). Want a free Big Mac? McDonalds will give you one if you take a 5 min. survey and you make a purchase of any kind. Do you like Dilly Bars? Dairy Queen will give you one if you take a 5 min. survey (no purchase necessary). What about a free stack of pancakes? Denny's will give you a stack free of charge with the purchase of any beverage.

The editors of ToganX.Info are working to add more free stuff to our new Free Stuff section so you can get some free stuff! To take advantage of all the free stuff mentioned above, click here.

If you know of other free stuff deals, send them to us so we can add them to this small but growing list. Send them to HashTags@Tpromo.Com with "free stuff" in the subject line and we'll send you a free white paper on the value of hashtags in social media as our way of saying thanks for using ToganX.info.

Check out our free stuff section at http://bit.ly/2goNpnd. And even if you do not have a free stuff link to give us, send an email to HashTags@Tpromo.Com with "free stuff" in the subject line and we'll be glad to send you the hashtag paper as our thanks for using ToganX.info.

Click here to view the new Free Stuff section on ToganX.info.

ToganX News & Research Website Adds Popular News Videos

COLUMBUS, Ohio (August 7, 2016) - ToganX News & Research has added two popular streaming video feeds under the categories of /news/foreign and /news/domestic. Under the Foreign category you will find Sky News, a 24/7 streaming news video that resides on the YouTube platform. Under domestic you'll also find ABC's 24/7 streaming news video.

In addition to the foreign and domestic videos, you also will find an additional live streaming news vide-CSBN--in the political section. In the future additional news video sources will be added under the remaining categories as well as in the Miscellaneous category.

Click here to view the news videos on ToganX.info.

Help us make ToganX better, click here to share your favorite news sources. We'll add them to our growing list of links so you and others can use them. In addition, please consider donating to ToganX. There is no charge for using the ToganX news and research website, there never will be. However, we could use your financial helpto defray the costs associated with this endeavopr. Please donate whatever money you can (in USD's). -Al Colombo Please help us with
our ToganX expenses.

ToganX News & Research Website Offers Tutorials

COLUMBUS, Ohio (January 18, 2016) - Tutorials are one of the most sought after sources of information on the Internet on a variety of subjects. Computers continue to be a mystery to many consumers, and so ToganX.info has assembled 20+ tutorial sources on the use of computers.

The following represents the information sources available on the tutorial page on the ToganX.info network:

  • Good Tutorials (free)
  • Driver Update Charlatans
  • Microsoft Office (free)
  • GIMP (free)
  • Perl Monks (free)
  • Photoshop (free)
  • PHP Tutorials (free)
  • Acrobat Tutorials (free)
  • w3schools Tutorials (free)
  • Tech Tutorials (free)
  • Tuts Design Tutorials (free)
  • Java Tutorials (free)
  • gomediadesign Tutorials (free)
  • SiteGround (free)
  • Photoshop Tutorials (free)
  • Microsoft Accessibility (free)
  • Windows 7, 8 and Phone (free)
  • Page Tutor HTML (free)
  • Virtual Training Company (free)
  • Baycon Group (free)
  • TechRepublic
  • Security Smart Newsletter

In addition, there are 24 tutorial sources on General subjects, 14 on social media subjects, 11 on WordPress programming issues, and others. The list will grow over the next 30 days as TpromoCom continues to search for and add additional tutorial subjects and informational sources. To view the tutorial page on ToganX.info, go to: http://bit.ly/1OAkWEF.

Google Products and New Anti-Virus Comparison Tool Added to LINKS

COLUMBUS, Ohio (December 31, 2015) - An entirely new Google Products section was created on the ToganX Links page consisting of the following Google utilities:

  • Search
  • Mail
  • News
  • Drive
  • Blogger
  • YouTube
  • Maps
  • Translate
  • Play
  • Books
  • Docs
  • Image Search
  • Video Search
  • Earth
  • Voice
  • Scholar
  • Business
Although this is not all of the Google products that are available, it is the brunt of those used by members of the general public. An additional research resource, "Consumer Affairs Anti-Virus Software Comparison," also is available under the Computer's category. The Computer's and Google sections are available from the main menu on the Links page.

TED Talks: 6 Artificial Intelligence Play List

COLUMBUS, Ohio (December 6, 2015) - A six-video play list on artificial intelligence is now available on the ToganX Video Page. The playlist begins with Ray Kurzweil in "Get ready for hybrid thinking." Kurzweil discusses how the human brain will one day push past it's biological constraints using technology.

Next, Jeremy Howard in "The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn" discusses what happens when we teach a computer how to learn. In addition, Fei-Fei Li discusses how her team is using images to teach computers to learn in "How we're teaching computers to understand pictures."

The other three are "This app knows how you feel -- from the look on your face," as discussed by Rana el Kaliouby; "What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?" with Nick Bostrom; and "Watson, Jeopardy and me, the obsolete know-it-all," with Ken Jennings.

To view this Ted Talk playlist on artificial intelligence, click here.

Addition of six new live news feeds on ToganX

COLUMBUS, Ohio (December 2, 2015) – Six live video news networks were added to the Miscellaneous section on the ToganX News Page (go to: http://bit.ly/1TuTmwb). Included are the following live news feeds:
  • abc News Channel
  • BBC News Live
  • DD News Live
  • Fox News Channel
  • Newsmax TV Live News Stream
  • Sun News Live
Send us your favorite news feed(s) and we’ll consider adding it to our news page. This can be a traditional news page, a news channel with clips, or a live video feed. Send it to Tpromo@CyberServices.com.

How to Put ToganX info to Best Use

COLUMBUS, Ohio (November 08, 2015 - ToganX.info is an information web portal designed for serious researchers. The mission is to put as much information at your fingertips as possible.

ToganX.info offers an extensive variety of resource for students, teachers, libraries, Internet e-libraries, and more. Make ToganX.info your home page and you'll never have to wade through that wasteland of bookmarks you have in your browser again. For information on how you can put ToganX.info to good use, please read How to Put ToganX info to Best Use.

Business and Cloud Storage Resources Added to ToganX.info

COLUMBUS, Ohio (November 8, 2015) - Recently ToganX.info added several links to its pages, thus adding valuable resources that you can use. The first two can be found on our links page:

GroupMe: GroupMe - the free, simple way to stay connected with those who matter most. Family. Roommates. Friends. Coworkers. Teams. Greek Life. Bands. Faith Groups.

Google Drive: Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service created by Google. [2] [3] It allows users to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents

The third resource can be found on our research page:

ReferalKey: Business Referral Network tools, by Referral Key, lets small business owners easily share leads with trusted business associates - via the web. It's FREE!

ToganX Adds Referral Service to Research Section

COLUMBUS, Ohio (October 17, 2015) - One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is connecting and networking with communities of people and organizations that have an interest in what you do and the products you offer. Today, ToganX.info, a product of www.Tpromo.Com, added what appears to be an easy-to-use, web-based referral service called Referral Key.

"Business Referral Network tools, by Referral Key, lets small business owners easily share leads with trusted business associates - via the web. It's FREE!"

Check it out on our Research page under "professionals," and be sure to connect with TpromoCom via Al Colombo.

ToganX Adds Job Support to Research Section

COLUMBUS, Ohio - September 27, 2015 - In an effort to provide helpful information for job seekers in the United States, ToganX offers a new Job Support section in the Research section of the website. Here you will find suggestions and resources by prominent sources such as the New York Times and About.com. Additional job support information will be forthcoming in the near future, so visit us regularly to review new information as it becomes available: Click Here.

ToganX Adds ThomasNet to Research Section

COLUMBUS, OHIO (August 2, 2015) - ToganX adds ThomasNet to the resource section, adding yet another valuable resource to assist you in researching and finding what you need on the Web. "Where serious buyers find qualified suppliers," is ThomasNet's slogan, and it's absolutely true. ThomasNet offers 700,000 industrial and commercial suppliers and through an elaborate search you're able to find components, MRO products, materials & equipment by spec. You also can download CAD Models from leading OEMs. You also can send ThomasNet your RFQ and they'll find you local job shops Also, look to ThomasNet for Industry News. Check out our Research Section here.

Ever had someone you trust lie to you? Here's how to prevent it.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 27, 2015) - The Master-in-Mind (MiM) is an affordable study course that equips you with all the tools you'll need to determine sincerity, truth, deception, and lies. Access to the MiM study materials is for a solid year, although it usually takes most people seven to ten weeks to read through the easy-to-understand course material. It's recommended that you go through the course a number of times until the lessons gel in your mind. Having one year to do so also allows you to go back and refresh after time has elapsed since completion. To learn more about the MiM course and what it will do for you, click here. .

New on ToganX.info
WordPress Optimization

COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 4, 2015) - ToganX.info has added two additional categories on the Tutorial page. The first, entitled WordPress Optimization, focuses on how to use and improve your WordPress website for business or personal use. The main thrust of this section is informative and educational videos. The second section, still largely under consideration, is entitled Website Optimization. To view the WordPress Optimization section, click here.

Thesaurus Resources
on ToganX.info

COLUMBUS, OH (March 7, 2015) -- Just to be different, do you want to know another word for one you commonly use? Or perhaps you know enough not to use the same word twice in a sentence, or to use the same word to define itself. ToganX now has added a new Synonyms section where you can go to find a variety of online tools to cure your curiosity (click here).

Cyber Security

COLUMBUS, OH (March 1, 2015) -- ToganX.info now has a new Cyber Security section under Research (click here). The need for viable options where it comes to data protection on the Net is obvious as each day we see more and more data breaches. We encourage you to use this new area and to take the time to offer additional sources of information on data security. To suggest new entries, send an email to ToganX@Tpromo.com.

The Arts
On ToganX.info

COLUMBUS, OH (January 31, 2015)-- ToganX.info, a product of TpromoCom of Columbus, Ohio, is adding a new section called The Arts. This new section will offer a myriad of links related to all forms of art. Included will be a variety of museums of all kinds as well as online photography and websites that feature collections of paintings and abstract art. (Click Here).

On the Prowl: Artificial Intelligence

COLUMBUS, OH (January 31, 2015)-- ToganX.info offers a wealth of links on all fronts-from search engines to online dictionaries, from popular news to a boat load of blog links, from social media pundits to a slew of video links of all sorts. If you're fond of science fiction, especially the issue of AI (Artificial Intelligence), pay particular attention to Wasim Ahmad's weblog, accessible from the Blog page on ToganX.info. Go to: the general blogs section using the following link: http://www.toganx.info/blogs.html.

ToganX Adds Bizarre Videos Page

COLUMBUS, OH (December 21, 2014)-- An additional section entitled The Bizarre has been added top the Video Page on ToganX.info. The new section includes featured videos from a larger collection of documentaries produced by British commentator and news anchor David Icke. This section will grow over time as more of you participate by sending your most bizarre video favorites for inclusion: (click here).

ToganX Adds Journaling

COLUMBUS, OH (December 01, 2014)-- Although it's impossible to say what percentage of the U.S. journals, it is safe to say that it's got to be a healthy number. Recently ToganX.info added an entire section on journaling (click here). In addition, weblogs, or blogs, are another form of journaling (click here).

Sitemap on ToganX

COLUMBUS, OH (November 10, 2014)-- It's important that every website have a sitemap page on which the basic links reside. A sitemap page was added to ToganX.info so serious researchers and everyone else can find exactly what they want without a lot of effort and time: Click Here.

Click Here to suggest a link for this new section!

ToganX Help File

COLUMBUS, OH (November 1, 2014)-- A new help file in PDF format is now available describing all the categories on ToganX.info. This new paper provides background on why ToganX.info was created and to what end it serves as inquiring minds want to know. For more information on ToganX.info, Click Here.

Google Integration

COLUMBUS, OH (November 1, 2014-- Effective, reliable, functional "integration" is the name of the game no matter what discipline you look at. Microsoft (MS), for example, offers one of the most complete set of integrated office products available. Other than MS, Google immediately comes to mind simply because they offer the most comprehensive, integrated set of Internet-related programs available on the Net. To prove my point, here's a complete list of Google products: (click here)

RabbitTV on ToganX

COLUMBUS, OH (October 25, 2014)-- ToganX.info contains an assortment of links to Music and News channels on the Internet. A link to RabbitTV was recently added to the Links/Music, Links/Computer, and News/Miscellaneous sections of the website. To take advantage of RabbitTV, you must pay a small fee. You can purchase a RabbitTV USB flash drive for as little as $7.50 (Big Lots). See the RabbitTV website for additional details.

Added Political Links

COLUMBUS, OH (October 20, 2014)-- Recent additions to ToganX.info's Research page include a White House section under which you'll find links to Presidential Executive Orders, Economics, Healthcare, and others. Additional political organizational links include the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the DNC, GOP, and more.

More News to Come!

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