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CANTON, Ohio (February 3, 2018) – There are nearly 3.5 Billion users on the Internet today accounting for 46 percent of the world population. Compare that to 2010 when there were a little over 2 Billion and you can see that the Internet is a very popular place to be. And, in the near future Internet penetration is sure to continue as the popularity of mobile devices rises and their cost continues to drop. All of this equates to a need for more technical information for both professionals who advertise and provide valuable information and such as well as consumers that use it to shop and obtain services.

TpromoCom offers websites.One of the areas of interest for is that of education in the form of interesting, in-depth tutorials. Security and life-safety companies that provide their own website creation along with social media outreach will find's tutorial page helpful and essential in their effort to reach out to prospective and existing clients over the Internet. On this page you will find links to videos and articles on how to do web design and social media better—like a pro.

In an effort to place this type of educational materials in the hands of our users, several years ago we began work on a Tutorial Web page ( On this page you will find an assortment of tutorial titles, such as Computer Related, General Tutorials, Social Media, and many more.

Recently we either created or expanded on three segments of our Tutorial page:

  1. WordPress Optimization
  2. Webmaster Tools
  3. CyberSecurity
In the coming months will expand on all three topics, placing additional tutorial resources at your beck and call. However, we'd like to have you participate by providing us with your own favorite tutorial sources so we can add your voice to our own. In advance, I'd like to thank you for doing so.

At present, items on our Tutorial Page are not in alphabetical order and things are still moving on the page, but in the next few weeks, once we finalize our additions and changers, all of that will be attended to. In the mean time, 1) please feel free to use this valuable resource, 2) please send links over for our review for their inclusion on our Tutorial Page, and 3) feel free to comment using the email address below.

To send us one or more tutorial sources or individual items, please send it via email to To contact TpromoCom, you also can call 330-956-9003 or visit or main website's contact page at


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