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Updated 05/06/17

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Computer Related

Good Tutorials (free)
Driver Update Charlatans
Microsoft Office (free)
GIMP (free)
Perl Monks (free)
Photoshop (free)
PHP Tutorials (free)
Acrobat Tutorials (free)
w3schools Tutorials (free)
Tech Tutorials (free)
Tuts Design Tutorials (free)
Java Tutorials (free)
gomediadesign Tutorials (free)
SiteGround (free)
Photoshop Tutorials (free)
Microsoft Accessibility (free)
Windows 7, 8 and Phone (free)
Page Tutor HTML (free)
Virtual Training Company (free)
Baycon Group (free)
Security Smart Newsletter
RGB Color Codes Chart


Social Media

10 Questions to Ask When Measuring Your Social Media ROI
How to Determine the ROI of Paid Social Media Campaigns
How To Measure Your Social Media Return On Investment
LinnkedIn & Twitter for Pros
Is It Possible to Measure Social Media ROI?
Beginners Guide to Twitter (Video)
Social Media Examiner
Twitter for Beginners (OpenSesame)
What is the ROI for Social Media?
Twitter Video Tutorial (Sydenham)
Social Media Examiner
Social Media Tips and Tricks for Professionals: LinkedIn and Twitter
Twitter for Learning & Development Professionals Part 1
How to use Twitter for Business (Part 1 of 9)
The ROI for Social Media is Zero


General Tutorials

B2B White Papers
Slide Share
Find Tutorials (free)
Lynda.com (paid subscription)
Math.com (free)
ebooks Tutorials (free)
Spark Fun (free)
Drawing Now (free)
Penn State University (free)
YouTube Tutorials (free)
iHeart Photography (free)
Kerbal Space Program (free)
Vocational Information Center (free)
Google Earth Tutorials (free)
Creative Cow (free)
Amateur Radio Relay League (free)
Alison Courses (free)
Brad Sugars Buying Customers (free/paid)
LearnFree.Org (free)
Nicole's Classes (free)
IEEE Communications Socieety (free)
OpenHelix (free)
ielanguages (free)


Popular Podcast Sources

Social Media Examiner
Podcast Chart (Top 200 Podcasts)


Website Optimization

Top hacker shows us how it's done


WordPress Optimization

How to Install WordPress
WordPress Security I
WordPress Security II
WordPress Security III
WordPress Security IV
WordPress Security V
WordPress Security - Facts & Fiction
How Anyone Can Hack Your WordPress Site In Less Than 5 Minutes And How To Prevent It
How to SEO Your Wordpress Website - Search Engine Optimization & Insider Secrets
How To Optimize Your WordPress Database & Increase DB Speed
How To Optimize Your Wordpress Images & Photos
WordPress SEO for Beginners (Video)
WordPress Security


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